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All inclusive logistics partner. We bring together cosmetic and drugstore suppliers from all over the world with the Austrian and European retailers. A frictionless execution of inbound to distribution logistics with many extra services is our speciality. It would be our pleasure to make you an offer for a logistic package according to your needs. Get in touch with us for your individual "no worries" full-service packages. CONTACT

Inbound logistics

  • Bottling of retail products
  • Projection of the delivery capacity
  • Ordering of needed products on a monthly basis
  • Advanced financing of products
  • Procurement of the packaging for the commissioning
  • Components and packaging logistics
  • Transport logistics
  • Invoicing the distribution channels

Distribution logistics

  • Storage of products: FIFO, batch management, batch coding administration system, storage in small component shelfs for picking process, as well as pallet mass storage
  • Taking in charge of the goods: Product management in a merchandise management system: EAN numbers, Price, (ordering) unit parameters, packaging material and weight, batch management and much more.
  • Checking EAN numbers: checking quantities, updating the storage system
  • Temperature monitored storage
  • Storage and handling of dangerous goods
  • Weekly inventory monitoring of subranges
  • Yearly inventory of complete range
  • Audits to checking of inventory
  • Preperation of current inventory and sales numbers
  • Electronic data interchange with EDI


  • Weekly commissioning of retail stores according to individual orders
  • Scanner verification of every commissioned package
  • Commissioning of promotions
  • Special commissioning of additional requests
  • Reassembling of displays
  • Delivery/transportation to buyers: cross docking warehouse/system, distribution centers, single stores
  • Preparation of all the packaging material for the weekly commissioning

Waste management

  • Cost estimation and dispensation of legally obligated ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria) fees
  • Cost estimation and dispensation of legally obligated ERA (Elektro Recycling Austria) fees

Data logistics

  • Electonic data interchange (EDI)
  • Intrastat reporting of imported quantities
  • Invoicing incl. electronic data exchange

Additional Services

  • EAN labeling
  • Preparing testers
  • Sorting out and processing of returned goods from the sales channels
  • Labeling of goods
  • Preparation of ordering units
  • Puting on sleeves
  • Reassembling of displays and stand-up displays
  • Repackaging of goods
  • Import and export cumstoms clearance

Sales logistics

  • Point of contact between drugstore product/cosmetic suppliers and the Austrian (European) wholesalers
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Negotiation of price incl. terms and conditions
  • Budgeting of marketing
  • Production of displays for special events
  • Full service distributor